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The following information is taken from the Scope "Time to get equal" campaign

On October 1st 2004 Part 3 of the Disability Discrimination Act comes into effect,

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) passed onto the statute books in 1995. It was the first significant piece of legislation to prohibit discrimination against disabled people and was an important step forward in the campaign for full civil rights for all disabled people.

The DDA is important because disabled people still face discrimination in our society. Part III of the Act is specifically about access to goods, services and facilities and it applies to anyone who provides a service; offers facilities; or supplies goods to the public.

Many disabled people are still denied access to services that others take for granted. Poor access, negative attitudes and a lack of awareness can often make ordinary activities like going to the cinema, shopping, using a cash-point, going to the pub or having a meal in a restaurant more difficult, time-consuming and stressful for a disabled person. The DDA Part III duties are not just about physical things like ramps and lifts they are about ensuring that all disabled people are treated with respect and can use services that non-disabled people already take for granted

Shops, pubs, restaurants, banks, hotels, theatres, cinemas, leisure facilities, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, broadcasting services and many others are all covered by the Act.

Public services such as hospitals, doctorsí and dental surgeries, government buildings, libraries and museums; historic buildings, places of worship and bus and railway stations are also included.

To help to bring about a change in disabled people's everyday lives, there are a number of simple things you can do now:

+ Spread the word. Ask friends and colleagues to sign the Time to Get Equal pledge :

+ Think about the words you use - go to
 to read our simple guide to language.

+ Challenge discrimination. If you see non-disabled people using
+ disabled parking bays, complain. Find out more at

+ If a building doesn't have a disabled toilet, ask why. Go to

+ Campaign with us. For more ways to get active, go to


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