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Christmas 2008

Click here for a report

School Dinners

Report by Jonathan Dutton

City Synergy Academy opening its doors on Saturday 11th October 2008  for a School Dinner. There was lashings of ginger beer (or so the bottle labels said) and naughty Carl was game for other lashings, but got his just desserts (double helping of chocolate pud). Dinner lady Maya served the sausages and mash and later broke into a vigorous routine for the School Musical try-outs (City Synergy events often develop in unexpected ways).

But when it comes to judging, no-one has a sweeter voice than Connie who could teach the cast of High School Musical 3, 60 years her juniors, a thing or two about singing in an impromptu musical session organised by Sue. An evening that started with schoolboy humour, and schoolgirl reminiscences ended in a strange and utterly lovely way.

Sue, Paul & Jacqui

Picture above shows Sue, Paul & Jacqui at the School Dinner

Christmas 2007

We enjoyed a very successful Christmas programme, Click here for a report


Visit to Evening Argus

 Some of us visited the Argus office in Hollingbury on June 13th 2007 and enjoyed a very interesting tour

City Synergy group during argus tour]

Group photo (above) at the Argus offices

Proms at the Dome

Each year the BBC organises one event outside London which is an opportunity for schools and community groups to experience the unique atmosphere of the proms concerts, In 2007 Brighton was the venue and 19 of us enjoyed a variety of music on the evening of June 13th

Murder Mystery Evening

A Mystery sinking of the Oxford boat, the poisoning of the commentator, a stolen trophy and press reporters with a phobia of water were some of the surprises as Chris & Jonathan's living room became the river Thames (minus the water!) for a murder mystery evening in the 30th September 2006

The dastardly deeds of the competing teams were unveiled as Jonathan led us through an enjoyable evening with clues recorded on audio tape in the form of the six o'clock news and desert island discs.



When we planned the outing to Chessington we thought this would particularly attract the younger members in the end 10 of us travelled, of whom only one was aged under 50 and including our oldest member, Rose, aged 95, this latest "Extreme City Synergy" saw us have a go on a number of the rides stopping short of the fabled Ramases revenge  


Craft Workshops

A variety of creative activities including pottery, mosaics and working with different materials to produce a variety of designs have been popular with City Synergy members and previously Leisure Link,

City Synergy member Jacqui Campbell commented on a show at Fabrica

"Fabrica art exhibition 'Running Stitch', at Duke St, Brighton was wonderful, amazing what modern technology can do now. Really enjoyed the afternoon, fascinating to see how tracking, mapping and stitching on huge canvas people's movements around a city or anywhere in the world really is possible with GPS (Global Positioning Satellite). Never seen the like before and this would not have been possible even 2 years ago! Jolly good stuff."


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