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Social activities for people with sight loss, in the Brighton and Hove Area

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City Synergy provides social activities for people with sight loss  we are based in the Brighton and Hove Area but have members coming from surrounding areas, amongst the activities we organise are visits to places of interest. walks, meals out,  theatre trips, tenpin bowling, picnics, dancing etc

Most activities take place in the evenings or weekends so that those in full time employment or study are able to participate, we believe that having a vision impairment does not need to limit a persons ability to enjoy life and participate fully in a range of activities

More details of these can be found on the activities page


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Vision Impairment

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Who are we

City Synergy is organised by and for vision impaired people,  Members are able to get subsidised rates for many of our activities.

We are grateful for the support of sighted volunteers some of whom serve on our management committee offering valuable expertise to the group.

Details about some of the people involved in City Synergy can be found on the people pages


How City Synergy is run

City Synergy is run by a management committee, only vision impaired members can be elected to the committee including the roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The management committee is able to co-opt volunteers to support its work.

City Synergy is committed to ensuring it is run well and has developed a constitution and policies to ensure this, these have been posted on the policies page 

Early in each year we hold an AGM at which elections are held for the management committee and reports are presented by the chair and treasurer. please see the AGM page for copies of minutes and reports from the AGM.


City Synergy is a voluntary group, committee members and volunteers give their time free. However, there are a number of costs of running our activities, discounting the cost of outings and trips to the theatre etc.

Details of our funding sources can be found on the funding page


Vision Impairment

The term vision impairment covers a range of conditions, our members have different levels of vision from total blindness through partial sight. although our levels of sight and our experiences of sight loss differ, we gain much by the mutual support which we are able to offer each other. click here to find out more about the impact of vision impairment and to read about campaigns to improve opportunities for vision impaired people to participate fully in society 

Our Name

Synergy is a word used to describe the benefits gained through joining resources, see a full dictionary definition here 


Contact us

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Latest news

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