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Social activities for people with sight loss, in the Brighton and Hove Area

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The sighted volunteers working with City Synergy are greatly appreciated and contribute a lot to the success of the group

We are however always keen to hear from people who would be interested in volunteering with us, this page offers a summary of what is involved in the role and included copies of relevant policies.

Volunteers work with vision impaired members of the committee to plan activities and enable members to attend and participate, at the moment most volunteers have a general role but we would be very happy to consider recruiting volunteers who fulfil a single role (e.g. driving, fundraising, ICT etc) or would be able to offer specialist skills or run classes.

City Synergy will make available and fund regular Vision Awareness Training and any other training essential to the role, we will do our best to ensure that proper support is given at all times

We do require volunteers to have a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure which we will pay for if required

City Synergy is committed to paying expenses incurred by volunteers in performing their role, in addition, on duty volunteers will receive subsidised entrance to City Synergy events

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, we encourage prospective volunteers to attend an activity as a guest to find out more.

Copies of relevant policies

Volunteers Policy

Volunteers Expenses

Other Policies and constitution

We hope volunteers will enjoy being part of the team, there is definitely no "Them" and "Us" in City Synergy


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