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Promoting awareness of Vision impairment

One of the objectives of City Synergy is:

"To promote awareness of issues relating to the integration of vision impaired people into society and seek for the removal of barriers to such progress".

Whilst City Synergy is not primarily a campaigning organisation, our experiences as vision impaired people reflects that of other disabled people in that we often have to overcome unnecessary barriers that hinder our full participation in society.

City Synergy members are active in many fields of life, we believe that having a vision impairment does not need to prevent an individual from enjoying a full and positive life whether it be in employment, education, family life or community involvement.

Sadly, participation can be hindered by either discrimination or thoughtless action by individuals or organisations, this might include:

Printed Information

Buildings and Physical Environment


Many of these could be overcome by simple, inexpensive actions, the application of basic courtesy and common sense

The introduction of part 3 of the Disability Discrimination Act provides all disabled people with a legal remedy against organisations that fail to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that disabled people are not offered an inferior service to that which non-disabled people receive.

The terms racism and sexism are well known, decent people know they are not acceptable in a civilised society, similar discrimination against disabled people is known as Disablism, Click here to join the Scope campaign against disablism


Definition of disablism - discriminatory, oppressive or abusive behaviour arising from the belief that disabled people are inferior to others



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