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Telling Tales

On Saturday 27th February 2016, a group of VIPs and volunteers from City Synergy met in Brighton at the Friends Meeting House. After negotiating a back staircase to an upper room we settled in a circle to discuss the ‘art’ of story telling.


Well, the first games were maybe a revealing insight into our innermost fears of venturing out and falling into bottomless pits!? Some wanted ‘out’ straight away but the more adventurous wanted to explore the dangers of these deep and forbidding caverns!


After a short break and fortified by chocolate, tea and cookies, we set about telling our own stories. Margaret told of a visit to a brewery where she was expected to climb ladders and descend into underground caverns where beer was being freely dispensed but where there was no sign of a welcome glass of red wine or even a G and T to calm the nerves.


Keith entertained us with a story ‘The Revenge of Michael Cane’ which was so funny that it deserves its own series or at least a sequel… just make sure that Michael is not issued to you!


Ruby told a funny tale about being stuck in a lavatory, rather like the song but not fortunately from Monday to Saturday... So glad she did manage to escape.


Colin told us how he grew up in Littlehampton during the war and had little contact with any men until some black American GIs were posted to the town. He begged his mum for a tiny slither of her rationed soap so the men could scrub themselves white !! He had never seen a black man before and they had pulled his leg about not having soap to wash.. A great story Colin.

We then had a reading by Ray about ‘Alfred and the Lion’ from a book of Stanley Holloway monologues, and finally Iris told us her very original version of the ‘Princess and the Pea’. Other stories and anecdotes just started to flow when proceedings were interrupted by the meeting house management reminding us that we had run out of time!!


Hope you all enjoyed the session; Liz and I really loved your stories and thank you all for being such great participants. I do hope we can do it again soon. Thank you Paul for making it possible; and thank you Iris and Barbara for the welcome ‘cuppa’.

Love to you all.

Jane Trott





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