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Seafront Fun Day 3rd September 2011


We were very lucky with the weather which had been changeable all week leading up to the first Saturday in September.  This was fortunate because the back-up plan for what to do in bad weather was sketchy to say the least.

We started at the Marina enjoying an Italian Food and Drink Festival in Marina Square.  Then we set off via the Volks Railway to the midway station (once Peter Pans).  We had tea in Yellow Wave the wonderful beach volley ball courts down on the seafront.  Posting our sentries to protect from a few wayward volley balls, it was very enjoyable to soak up the atmosphere.

It was then back on the Volks Railway to the Palace Pier and along to the Old Fashioned Penny Arcade in the arches.  This was great fun even allowing for an exchange rate that would have shocked our grandparents of a pre-decimal penny for 10 current pence (a 24 times increase).

We finished the day with ice creams at Boho Gelato in Pool Valley.  This little gem is worth a detour away from the seafront for their daily selection of 24 flavours from their ever expanding list.  The ice cream is made on the premises using local Sussex ingredients.  On the day we visited, the flavours were inspired by nationalities the English (cream tea flavour) and the Scottish (whisky and raspberry) being favourites for the City Synergy faithful.

 Report by Jonathan Dutton



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