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Oklahoma! show

20 City Synergy members, volunteers & friends trekked to Eastbourne to see Oklahoma at the Congress Theatre on 7th August 2010. It was a terrific performance from a bright sparkling cast. We heard great singing and saw lively dancing.

All the cast were terrific. Many of the songs are familiar, but put together they form a complex story with surprisingly dark and disturbing elements. But the dark only emphasizes the light. Love triumphs: people say they’re in love, and the farmer and the cowboy become friends. The title song Oklahoma was deservedly sung as an encore as the curtain fell on a thrilling and joyful matinee performance.

Then we just missed the train, but never mind, we had a nice cup of tea waiting for the next one. It wasn’t quite Oklahoma countryside we travelled through on the way back from Eastbourne to Brighton, but it was lovely to travel through Sussex countryside with the folded downs accentuated by shafts of light through breaks in the cloud, the sky painted in the glow of early sunset, and be in such good company.

Jonathan Dutton


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