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Murder Most Fowl


Chris and Jonathan hosted a murder-mystery evening on 30th January 2016.  Going back 90 years to 1925, Lord and Lady Muck welcomed guests to their garden party at Muck Hall.  Hunting, Shooting and Fishing were preceded by suspicious goings on both upstairs and downstairs.  Upstairs, all was not as it seemed as Lord and Lady Muck discussed the party while the butler filched the silverware.  Why was Lord Muck protecting him with his "impeccable reference" as a musician on the Titanic?
Shortly after, in the kitchens, duck soup was being prepared by the cook and kitchen maid with supercilious comments from the butler.  What was being stirred up, apart from the duck soup?  Duck soup with bananas?  And why was the kitchen maid keeping notes of everything said and done?
Finally, after the party, it all came to a head.  Lady Muck was poisoned, but by whom and why?  It was left to City Synergy Sleuths to pick their way through the clues.
Thanks very much to star guest performers Toby and Lily who appeared as the Butler and Kitchen Maid.  Thanks also to Lucas for helping with the duck shoot.



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