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Greyhound Stadium
24th November 2013

City Synergy Goes To The Dogs (It's official)

City Synergy went to watch greyhound racing on 24th November.  It was a bright sunny day, but very cold at the Corals Stadium in Hove.  Snug inside the grandstand we had a great view from the Skyline Cafe watching the lunchtime event of 12 races.  A few of us got outside and close to the dogs as they were paraded before the races and we got a nice photo of the start of one of the races.  The dogs in lanes 2-6 shot off like bullets, but lane 1 looked like a Sunday stroll would be more in order.  Or maybe just a nice lie-down somewhere.

Greyhound racing at Hove

Pictured above, Is No 1 just out for a stroll

We liked the idea of trying cat racing next.  Waiting for the off with all the cats pawing at the cage doors to get out, and then the thrilling moment as the gates open and they saunter out, turn around, and paw to get back in again.  That's real sport for you.

It was a fun afternoon enjoyed by all.




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