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Folk Dance event - July 2010


On July 24th 2010,  City Synergy had our first barn dance.

The United Reformed Church in Hassocks was the venue.  City Synergy members arrived in the early afternoon having lunched at the Hassocks pub on the way.  The generosity of the puddings was a technical feature to ensure greater dancing stability through a low centre of gravity.  Following risk analysis, it was decided that no chances should be taken as the dances progressed, and further input of tea and cakes between the dances kept the feet solidly on the floor.

Sue Joseph and the band she plays with, Scallywags, organized the event.  They were warming up with some jigs and reels as we arrived.  We were also greeted by members of the Keymer Folk Dancer Club who helped guide us through the dances.

Dance caller Sean Goddard soon had us on our feet for the traditional folk dances.  Our dancing was timeless and unparalleled.  That is, we didn’t dance in time or in discernable lines.  But we had fun.

We had a few intervals from dancing during which we had some songs – most notably from Jim Lee and Connie – our City Synergy songbirds. 

It was a great event.  Much fun was had, and no barns were harmed during the dancing.  Many thanks to all who made it such a splendid event.

Jonathan Dutton



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