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Dangerous Sports Report - 22nd July 2017


City Synergy has always flirted with extreme sports and activities.  Many still remember the walk along the Thames where the path narrowed and became waterlogged, and could only be navigated by prizing pallets from the adjoining yard over the fence to make a makeshift bridge.  Then there was boarding the boat in the Marina where Dorothy was lucky that it was only her white cane that went to the bottom and had to be rescued many months later by a diver (this is absolutely true). 

But even the most stalwart City Synergy member shivered at the thought of trying out the game that, in America, was so closely associated with gambling, drinking and philandering that it was banned in Boston.  A game that creates such unsportsmanlike rivalry that it was said by Dorothy Parker to "give release to all the mischief in you.  It makes you want to do bad things...."

So was it cage fighting?  Bare knuckle wrestling? 

Worse than that.


The trip to Hove Beach Croquet Club was, for most of us, our initiation into this most devilish of games.  Graeme and Jimmy, from the club and ably supported by Sammy and Matthew took us through the hoops.  Literally.  And taught us the most devious rudiments of the game.  No surprises, then, that in his group "Mr Devious" Steve Evans was triumphant.  In the other group, victory was snatched from Chris's jaws by a cocky upstart.

We had a fabulous afternoon on the lawns at the Hove Beach Croquet Club which is situated between King Alfred and Hove Lagoon, assisted by the sun coming out and the wind dropping contrary to the weather forecasts.  We were made extremely welcome, and we now know to revel in the club motto which is "to cause mistrust and resentment among even the best of friends".

report by Jonathan Dutton


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