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Report on Christmas Activities 2012


The City Synergy 2012 Christmas celebrations started with a reminiscences evening in early December.  Following a reminiscences evening earlier in the year, this second event was Christmas themed and fuelled on mince pies and mulled wine.  Connie started the evening with the story of her seasonal steam train trip to visit aunts where a half crown piece would be secretly placed under her plate as a present.  The other gift, in both senses of the word, was her father entertaining the family with his songs from the music hall, and Connie sang one of them for us.  Valerie excellently introduced each speaker and knitted together stories from a number of different times.

Our reminiscences evenings have been successful and we are all looking forward to hearing Dorothy tell us at the next event of her time working at Bletchley Park during the second world war.

For our Christmas dinner we returned to The White Horse, Rottingdean, for an excellent meal in pleasant surroundings.  We were made very welcome and enjoyed good cooking and very helpful service.

For many years now City Synergy have contributed their particular vocal stylings to the Sir Charles Napier Carols.  This event has grown bigger by the year - and so big in 2012 that there were two events with a "dress rehearsal" at the Park Crescent pub on 18th December. The pub was packed out with singers including a dozen or so from City Synergy who provided 4 of the soloists (most thrillingly Frances' solo first verse of "Once in Royal David's City").  The main event on the 22nd December was another smash hit, particularly with the appearance of Brighton and Hove Mayor, Bill Randall, who appeared in full robes to sing The Mistletoe Bough - surely one of the saddest Christmas songs of all time.

Finally, the January doldrums were enlivened by the return of the City Synergy late New Years Party on the 12th January.  In the convivial surroundings of the Lord Nelson back bar we played some bar games, had some food and got to know more about each other.  This we did by each person writing down 3 facts about themself (2 true, one lie each). Volunteers wrote for those with no sight, and the papers were placed in a hat.  Towards the end of the party each paper was read out for us to decide who was the person, and which was the lie. Very interesting.  We learned that one of our volunteers has played piano on television, another plays the balalaika; our Chair is a serial wedder of morris men (no man in breeches is safe); we need to organise a visit to a disco to see Martin's secret talent and that Sam has not swam with dolphins.  This last came as a shock because we were all sure that she had.

So we turn to 2013.  And there is a lot to look forward to.  Later in January we are celebrating Burns' Night and having an alternative therapies day.  Pub visits, walks and trips are coming up.  And all the time the mirror ball glitters as we tick down the time of City Synergy's Tribute Evening to Strictly Come Dancing.  Oh yes.  Some of our members are already secretly sewing sequins on their ball gowns.

Happy New Year to all our readers.


Report contributed by Jonathan



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