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Report on Christmas Activities 2009


City Synergy started the festive season on 12th December with the Christmas Lunch. This year 24 of us went to the Saltdean Tavern and were made to feel very welcome. The food was very good and served quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the Gillett family for providing the crackers.

Severe weather warnings meant that only the intrepid attended the Music for Pleasure concert on 17th December at the Unitarian Church. Although the weather outside was turning cold with the first flurries of snow, the welcome inside was warm. As ever, the range of songs chosen was very broad and this year the singers took the risk of inviting the audience to join in with a couple of carols at the end.

By the evening of 19th December, the snow had fallen heavily. Icy conditions underfoot made the ascent of Southover Street a hazardous feat. Nevertheless several hardy souls roped themselves together to get to the Sir Charles Napier where Brighton Morris and City Synergy sang carols together. I suspect some of Brighton Morris has not managed to get out of the Napier from the preceding Thursday, their practice night, and so the pub was already packed when the City Synergy Singers arrived.

This is our third year of having a pub crawl/carol signing evening. Now a co-production with Brighton Morris, it is becoming a bigger event every year. Ian Lamb from Brighton Morris was appointed choir master, and held three choir practices so we could learn some old Sussex carols which went down very well. The carol starting "See seraphic thongs descending" was particularly popular, although thongs may have been throngs in the original. Many thanks to the Sir Charles Napier for hosting such a rousing event. What great luck that barmaid Holly was doing the shift that night (honestly). Sadly, Ivy couldn't make it.

It has been a very good year for collaboration with Brighton Morris. Each year they choose a charity to collect for on their Day of Dance. This year the charity was City Synergy. It was a lovely end to the year to be presented at the Carol Singing with a cheque for the 320 they collected in the summer. In return, we presented Ian Lamb with a conductor's baton.

Our final Christmas outing was to see Peter Pan at the Theatre Royal. A grand daughter of one of our volunteers said that it was the best show she had seen when the curtain fell for the interval. And there were still ice creams and a second half to come.

Once again, we wish all our faithful readers a very happy New Year. For City Synergy, the big events on the horizon are Take Part in June, and Carnival in July, and the programme for 2010 is taking shape with 10 pin bowling, dancing (oh, yes) walks, restaurant visits and much more to come

Report produced by Jonathan

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