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Christmas 2008
Report by Jonathan Dutton

Christmas 2008 has been celebrated in fine style by City Synergy.

On 16th December we went to see "It's A Wonderful Life" at the New Venture Theatre.  This starred Carl, one of our volunteers, in the role played in the Frank Capra film by James Stewart.  The production was adapted from the film by a member of the cast.  As ever, New Venture Theatre very kindly ensured that our members got front row seats.  However, the staging of the show was as a radio production, and so it was excellently suited to those of our members with no vision.

On the 18th December, many of us again attended the Singing for Pleasure concert at the Unitarian Church, New Road.  We always enjoy the wide range of music and the warmth, enthusiasm and good spirit in which they are performed.  Was it our imagination, or did some Christmas songs creep into their programme? 

Our Christmas meal was back to the White Horse, Rottingdean.  About 30 of us settled down to a fine meal in the pleasant surroundings.  There was some controversy over Valerie's Christmas Quiz.  Fortunately the team that cheated by texting local clergy for answers to the religious questions didn't win, but they were beaten by the team that cheated by having more than the maximum permitted 3 members.  But the Christmas spirit prevailed and harmony was restored.  Eventually.

Christmas meal at the White Horse

In the evening, some City Synergy stalwarts ventured to the Sir Charles Napier pub (Southover Street) where we sang a few carols with the huge support of Brighton Morris Men (who not entirely by coincidence joined us after their performance at the Children's Ceilidh at the Dome earlier in the evening).  Brighton Morris musicians also came along, and we thoroughly enjoyed performing carols with breaks between verses for jigs and reels.  What we hadn't expected was for a group of mummers to burst in the door with their updated twist on the story of St George.  That is often the way with City Synergy - the events take on strange and unexpected forms.  Oh, and the blank sheets we left at the pub?  They were actually braille versions of the carols and we need them back.

While mentioning Brighton Morris's band, and much as City Synergy is against advertising, can we just say a word for the excellent musicians, many of whom now form Kate's Kitchen, Brighton's newest and brightest ceilidh band who next perform at the Hanover Centre on 24th January.  If any members of Kate's Kitchen do read this, mine's a pint.

On 30th December about 25 of us went to see the Wizard Of Oz at Brighton Theatre.  An excellent production with elaborate staging, great performances, and good humour.

All of this, and we still have the Late Late Christmas Party on 17th January to look forward to at the Nelson, Trafalgar Street.

City Synergy wishes all of its members, volunteers, supporters and anyone just surfing through a preposterous New Year.



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