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Concert by Boondock Band


Boondock Band

Pictured above - The Boondock Band in action

On Sunday 28th April, City Synergy organised their first folk session in The Lord Nelson Pub, Trafalgar Street, Brighton with special guests the Boondock Band.  It was a great evening kicked off by Sue and Lucy on flute and clarinet playing some English folk tunes.  Then the Boondock Band played their first set with Anna on violin, Chris on guitar, Mark on banjo and Ed on percussion.

In the strange way that things happen with City Synergy, we then had a performance from a duo calling themselves The Troubadours of Eternal Bliss with a tap dancer providing percussion for the electric guitarist who also sang swing vocals.  They had been busking in town together for the first time that day and were snapped up for the booking (fees: one glass of orange juice and one glass of coke respectively) by the City Synergy talent scout.

After a short break we had the Boondock's second set.  This was something of a world tour with songs from Eastern Europe to Cornwall featuring our own volunteer, Chris, on the balalaika.

Some of our friends from the local Morris Teams (Brighton Morris and Cuckoo’s Nest) turned up to support the event, and Ali sang a couple of folk songs mesmerising the room with her haunting voice.  The Boondocks final set included more music from around the world ending with some lively jigs and reels.

The event was compered for us by Mr. Keith Trampleasure.

The Boondock Band were just great: an exciting mix of musical genres played on a range of instruments.  So it's huge thanks to the Boondock Band who, they are keen to mention, are now available for weddings, dances, etc - (see them and hear them on their website  Also thanks to The Lord Nelson for having us (, to Keith for compering and all those who sang and played music so nicely.  Special mention to Lucas on spoons.

To everyone who missed it: I am sorry.  Britain may have had Talent on TV on Saturday night, but by Sunday it was all packed into The Lord Nelson



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