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Kemp Town Carnival Bed Push 2006

City Synergy entered a team in this event organised by Brighton & Sussex Universities Hospital NHS Trust (BSUH) on Friday 16th June 2006, little did we know what we were letting ourselves in for

The beds were de-commissioned hospital beds, with teams of four and one sitting holding tight on top

We had decided to go as Three Blind Mice and the farmers wife and were indebted to Chris, Christina and Jonathan for hard work in preparing the bed for the race

Bed decorated for the race

Our team consisted of Jim Lee, Mark Joseph, Louise Eaton and Paul Gillett as the Mice and the heroically brave Jackie Campbell as the farmers wife

Jim, Jackie and Paul before the race

The race was preceded by a parade at which the fancy dress was judged, we were delighted to win 2nd prize and a bottle of champagne

As the race got under way we realised it would be a bit more difficult than we thought and that we were chronically under prepared, for a start the race was not a straight course as we had expected but involved a tight turn at the end and second the others went at a massive pace, after a few yards it was obvious we had bitten off more than we could chew, however we managed to complete the course (in spite of Paul falling over a railing at the side of the road) and got a big cheer as we trailed in the slowest team of the evening

There was nothing for it but to decamp to the bar, to nurse our bruises, and enjoy an evening highlighted by an excellent Cellidh

Would we do it again, only if we can find a team of athletes, but it was good to have a go and help to demonstrate that having a vision impairment does not stop us having fun

See the official report Here





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