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City Synergy Apprentice

City Synergy's own Lord Sugar lookalike put members through their paces on 9th July in our own version of The Apprentice.

The living room of Addison Road was transformed into the boardroom as a dozen or so members waited for the arrival of the lambasting Lord.  Soon the sound of helicopter blades (or it could have been Lord Sugar gargling his late bottled vintage port in the adjacent room) heralded the arrival of the lambasting Lord.

The first task saw the teams brainstorm new ideas for products for people with sight loss.  Team Synergy quickly settled on their Eureka Duck designed to stop baths overflowing. 

Meanwhile Team City came up with half a dozen ideas, and narrowed the field to a suction device to secure bag and luggage straps to tables in cafes, pubs or restaurants and a watch device worthy of James Bond that would alert the wearer of obstacles ahead (the deluxe model warning if the object ahead was (i) human and (ii) of the opposite sex).  All the blueprints have now been passed to Pat Pending, the City Synergy Product Development Officer. 

Refreshments followed and then the second task was thrown to the candidates.  Enraged at the poor quality of drinks available, Lord Sugar demanded that each team create and name 2 cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  Drinks trays of basic ingredients were available to each team and a supplementary tray of leftovers was made available to both teams. 

Team City threw themselves into the task, blending, mixing and tasting to come up with “Wizz Bang Wallop”.  Exhausted, they couldn't be bothered to come up with a non-alcoholic alternative.  Meanwhile Team Synergy worked methodically to produce “Kiss of the Cossack” which drew lyrical praise from Lord Sugar.  He passed no judgement on Team Synergy's second effort, “Garden of Eden”, other that to suggest that Team City had won that element of the task by not bothering.

In summation, Lord Sugar ruled that Team Synergy had won with their cocktail, but Team City's creative zeal had triumphed in the product task.  Overall a draw, but special mention was made of Thea and Emily as being individual stars of the evening, and Connie as cheeky monkey of the evening.

It was a great evening.  Huge thanks to Keith who appeared as Lord Sugar, and all the volunteers and members who threw themselves so enthusiastically into the tasks.

Report by Jonathan Dutton


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