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Thoughts on the death of Andy Cross

Andy was such a lovely man, a brilliant friend to me and to many other people in Leisure Link and City Synergy. The gentlest of giants, he was not always as good at looking after himself as he was at taking care of other people. He was a complex character: at times enjoying the solitude of the fields and woods, or the  sea and the sky. At other times, he was a delightfully sociable character and always the kindest of friends. Andy was the first to offer a helping hand, endearing himself to people of all ages and of every kind.

He will be remembered with love and respect by everyone who knew him. It is natural to feel grief and loss at the death of a friend, particularly one as young as Andy. That is why it is important for his friends and family to be sharing their feelings and supporting each other at this difficult time.

I shall always remember his feats of strength, such as freeing my painted-in windows by applying his weight in a mighty spread-eagle to the window frame. One great cracking noise, and the window was free. On another occasion, my upstairs neighbours had flooded my back room. To let the carpet and the hardboard underneath dry out, Andy pulled them up with one gigantic heave Ė and came back a fortnight later to fix them all back down again.

Iím sure that reading this, many of you will also find yourselves smiling at your recollections of Andy. Unfortunately I canít attend his funeral, but I know that despite your sadness you will give Andy the send-off he deserves. We shanít forget him in a hurry, nor see his like again.

Valerie Mainstone


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